Please remember to exercise caution when exploring Nevada's Ghost Towns & Mining Camps. Open shafts, drifts going into mountainsides, and old buildings, are all DANGEROUS. Be aware of your surroundings, and let someone know where you are, especially if your plans change.

Getchell Mine

Located 10 miles north of SR 18 at ta point 16 miles northeast of I-80 at Golconda exit.

"Though the northeast slopes of the Osgood Mountains were prospected as early as the 1880s for copper and silver, the first important discoveries were made in 1933 when two Winnemucca prospectors found gold. Mining tycoon Noble Getchell purchased the ground during the next year and formed a company to begin exploration. Ground was broken for a 400-ton cyanide mill in June 1937, and after a power line was extended from Golconda an era of intensive gold mining followed. A company camp was built around the operation, with ninety cottages, a store of general merchandise, boarding house, bunkhouses and recreation hall.
The federal government allowed the Getchell to operate during World War II because of the badly needed arsenic that was found in the gold. Of the latter, about $8 million was recovered by 1949. From 1950 until 1957 the Getchell became a profitable tungsten producer, and almost $30 million in that metal was recovered in six years of operation. The mill could recover tungsten from 1000 tons of ore daily when running at full capacity.
During the 1950s much gold had been blocked out, and so the mine was reopened in 1961 to work the gold veins for six years. Finally in 1967 the Getchell mill was dismantled, leaving wall and foundations."

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