Lamoille Canyon


Lamoille Canyon is 12 miles of the most beautiful mountain scenery Nevada has to offer. A National Scenic Byway, starting at the base of the Ruby Mountains, the road takes you through canyons cut by glaciers. 2 very specific types of glaciers. One call a V-cut making a very pronounced cut in the canyon and a U-cut, a more subtle cut. Both glaciers met halfway up the canyon.

Waterfalls, streams and wildlife are abundant. At the end of the road are Trailheads that will take you to the various lakes located along the peaks of the Rubies. The Ruby Crest Trail will take you from Lamoille Canyon along 42 miles of scenic beauty to Harrison Pass. Your hike will take you along mountain peaks and lakes with fish. This is in the Wilderness Area. Be sure to bring your camera.

For the camper, Lamoille canyon offers 2 campgrounds. Thomas Canyon (USFS) and Lyon's Club Campground. There are also day use areas for picnic use. The lower day use area is located near where the old Elko-Lamoille Power Company once was. Built in 1912 the plant supplied power to Elko and Lamoille. The Lamoille Canyon plant served the towns for many years, but demand outran supply because during the summer month there was insufficient water to produce enough electricity. The plant burned down in 1971 and today little remains. Closer to the end of the road is a valley area complete with beaver dams. Streams flow down the canyon walls throughout your trip.

Winter is an active time in the canyon. Snow usually shuts down the canyon half way up. Snowmobiling in the canyon is the sport of the times. The Ruby Mountains offer some of the areas best snow. Trails, powder and friends, what more can you ask for.

Cross country skiing is also a favorite pastime of the canyon. But you must check with local area officials for conditions in the Rubies. Be aware of Nevada's changing weather and be on the look out for avalanche areas.

When planing your next trip, be sure to visit Lamoille Canyon. You won't be disappointed.

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