NevadAdventureS Welcomes you to

The Pine Lodge Dinner House!

 Lamoille Road

 Lamoille, Nevada

 Ph. 775-753-6363

Fax: 775-753-6542 


The Pine Lodge Dinner House is owned by Todd and Dina Schwandt. It is located in scenic Lamoille, Nevada. Just a 20 minute drive from Elko at the foot of the Ruby Mountains, Lamoille is noted for its spectacular scenery, roaming Deer, and the wonderful views of the Ruby Mountains.


The Pine Lodge offers an exciting decor, so bring your camera and enjoy the large collection of North American Big Game Animals while dining.

The Pine Lodge offers an excellent dining experience. From Juicy Steaks to the Best Smoked Ribs and Chicken in North Eastern Nevada. You can choose from your favorite wine or enjoy a drink from the bar.

Whether you are a local, or a first time visitor, The Pine Lodge is an experience you will want to experience again and again.

Beautiful views, excellent dining, and best of all, great company.

Stop in and visit Todd and Dina and see why NevadAdventureS is proud to present

The Pine Lodge Dinner House.


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