Provided by Nevada Division of Wildlife
Unit 231

LOCATION: Eastern Lincoln County. See unit description in the Nevada Hunt Book.

ELEVATION: 5,000 feet north of Panaca to 9,400 feet on Mount Wilson, 7,670 feet on Table Mountain and 9,200 feet on White Rock Peak.

TERRAIN: Variable. Bench lands around the three major valleys of the management area (Eagle, Rose, Dry and Meadow Valleys) to high mountains.

VEGETATION: Sagebrush in lower valley bottoms, cultivated alfalfa fields to pinyon/juniper forests, some aspen and Subalpine Fir at the upper elevations.

LAND STATUS: The majority of lands within the unit are public lands administered by Bureau of Land Management. There are two Nevada State parks, Spring Valley and Echo Canyon State parks which provide excellent camping facilities. Private lands are associated with the agriculture lands in Spring, Eagle, Rose, Dry and Meadow Valleys.

HUNTER ACCESS: Good throughout the entire unit. Off-road vehicles are recommended when traveling away from the county roads.

MAP REFERENCES: Topographical maps available from U.S. Geological Survey and possibly from BLM local offices and sporting good stores. The 1:100,000 topographical maps that cover this area are: Garrison, Utah-Nevada; Wilson Creek, Nevada-Utah; Caliente, Nevada-Utah.

FACILITIES AND SERVICES: The towns of Pioche and Caliente provide most services. Camping facilities are available from the two Nevada State parks within the management area, Spring Valley and Echo Canyon State parks, and Cathedral Gorge State Park near Panaca, Nevada. Each of these state parks provides excellent camping facilities. For information, please contact Region Five Visitor Center at 775-728-4460, at Panaca, Nevada or Region Five District Office at 775-728-4467, Panaca, Nevada for park rules, fee schedule and availability of camp sites. Primitive camping is available throughout the
public lands within the management area.

RECOMMENDED HUNTING AREAS FOR MULE DEER: During the early part of the season, hunt in the upper elevations of Mount Wilson, Table Mountain, White Rock Peak and Government Peak if weather conditions remain dry during the early part of the season, locate water sources with good cover. As weather conditions cool, deer will start moving from their summer ranges in the higher elevations toward the bench lands surrounding Eagle, Rose, Dry and Meadow Valleys. If sufficient snow falls, some deer will move north of Table Mountain onto the Limestones Hills. The hills surrounding the four major valleys and the hills north of Table Mountain support the majority of wintering deer.

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